202 Ways To Spot A Psychopath In Personal Relationships

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Invisibility is the most disturbing aspect of psychopathy.Psychopaths must keep their true nature hidden, and they know how to do it. They're skilled actors and mimics. After all, they can only dupe us if they can first make us believe they're honest, genuine and trustworthy. To do that, they have to come across as normal.Is it possible to identify a psychopath? Yes, if you learn the signs that can help you spot one.From the author of the unique and popular website, Psychopaths and Love.Wonderful read. Such a great gem. One of my favorite books about this subject as the author paints such a clear picture of what these relationships are like. If you're wondering if you are encountering a psychopath, read this book and you will know without a doubt.""Great book. This book is clear about what one may experience with a psychopath. This may help those who struggle with understanding why their "soul mate" who shared such an amazing life could simply walk away or be abusive.""The truth shall make you free. The description of typical behavior and common reaction to that behavior was more helpful to me in freeing myself than all the books on what a psychopath, sociopath or narcissist is. Who cares about definitions and diagnosis when it is the behavior that is killing you and is so well hidden from others that you look (and often feel) like the "crazy person" when in reality you are the "sacrificial lamb" of a crazy person.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review