30 Days to Diamond: The Ultimate League of Legends Guide to Climbing Ranked in Season 6

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St Petr

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Before I tell you what 30 Days to Diamond is about, let me tell you what it isnt. This book is NOT the next 3-dollar booklet promising you all the tips and tricks nobody else knows. Any book that makes such a claim is ridiculous, misleading and a waste of time. 30 Days to Diamond is 147 pages worth of specialized teaching, produced by a Master Tier player on both EUW and EUNE servers. It teaches all technical, strategic and psychological aspects of the game from A to Z in a very unique and effective manner. If theres anything Ive learned after mentoring over 60 silver and bronze players its that anyone, and I mean ANYONE has the potential to become a Diamond level player within a very short time, even if still new to League. In spite of all the information available online, the majority of Leagues community still struggle to achieve their goals in Ranked. Nowadays, there are so many Twitch streams, YouTube channels and websites dedicated to teaching the game and yet the results are just not there for the majority. Improving from Silver to Gold is nice, but this is so much less than what progress should look like for most. Being a teacher in real life, the question I got absorbed in was: What prevents people from mastering the game to the level they want, despite them having access to all the information they need? We are talking about hundreds of thousands of players that play ranked. Thats a lot of people. Why is it that so many folks may spend weeks and even months watching Challenger streams, play League for 5+ hours a day and still not improve at the rate they could? This inefficiency is not due to the people playing the game or the information they learn from. It all has to do with how effective learning takes place. A persons ability to learn from a piece of information is enhanced only to the degree to which they can relate to it at that specific moment. This is the factor that dictates how fast one improves over a period of time. Here is an analogy. If I were to pick two different gold 3 players for example, one may assume that they are at a similar spot on the tree of game knowledge. They are both gold 3, so they must be right? No, their spot on that tree is unique, as is the combination of things they know and dont know, its just that the net result happens to be the same. Depending on which leafs and branches of the tree they have, if they were both to be traditionally taught the same thing in the same exact way, the result wouldnt be optimal for both. The key to overcoming those limitations is through teaching the game in the most relatable way, by utilizing the functions of the left and right brain hemispheres SIMULTANEOUSLY through associations and other learning techniques. What most people dont realize is that their progress is not only limited by what they dont know, but also the unconscious habits and pathways theyve created and CONTINUE to create each time they play. Improving at the fastest rate is achieved by also following a daily practice routine that revolves around repeated behaviors that create the right habits, while unlearning the wrong ones. Basically, you transform as a player and it takes about a month. So here is my attempt to change things for the better and have a positive impact on the community. I wrote this book specifically for new and old players that struggle to reach Diamond. Its updated and relevant to the current Season 6. Everyone that learns from it should be able to reach Diamond within 30 days of practicing no matter what their starting point is. I stand behind my statement that ANY low elo player has the potential to get to Diamond in a short time when taught correctly. As far as the time commitment required, playing 2-4 games a day and dedicating about an hour for the method described in Chapter 9 is plenty. The method is designed specifically for people with a job/school/other real life activities who cannot dedicate 10 hours a day to League.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review