Hannah's Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived

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Bantam; Reprint edition (July 1, 2003)
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Maria Housden

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Every once in a while a book comes along that can change your lifea book so special, it is destined not just to be read but to be cherished, to be passed from one reader to another as a precious gift. Filled with wisdom and grace, tears and laughter, Hannahs Gift is one such book. Within these pages Maria Housden shares the transformative lessons in living she received from her three-year-old daughter Hannah, who brought courage, honesty, and joy to her struggle with cancer.During the last year of her short life, Hannah was fearless in the way she faced deathand irrepressibly joyful in the way she approached living. The little girl who wore her favorite red Mary Janes into the operating room changed the life of everyone who came in contact with her. Now, in a book that preserves Hannahs indomitable spirit, Maria Housden offers the gift of her daughters last year to all of us.In a lyrically told narrative, both moving and unforgettable, Housden recounts Hannahs battle with cancer in simple, straightforward language that transcends grief and fear to become a celebration. From Hannahs story emerge five profound lessonsof truth, joy, faith, compassion, and wonderthat have the power to change our lives.During her illness Hannah showed how we can truly live in the moment and break free from lives suffocated by too many unlived joys. Even more memorable is the message Hannah delivered after her death to those she loveda message of hope for anyone faced with the deepest questions of life and death.Hannahs Gift nourishes the soul with an ageless wisdom all the more invaluable for having come from someone so young. A remarkable story, remarkably told, it will bring comfort to anyone touched by loss, and renewed faith in thepower of love.Closing her eyes and extending her arms, Hannah began to dance. Oblivious to everything but the shoes on her feet, she skipped and clicked across the floor, twirling in circles, faster and faster. There was something about her pure joy and the defiant nobility of the red shoes that caught everyones attention....The true measure of a life is not its length but the fullness with which it is lived


(No reviews yet) Write a Review