How to Love Yourself. 50 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem (Self-love)

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 5, 2016)
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Self-love (Book 1)
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Anastasia Zaloga

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Just $6.99 for a limited time!If you dont love yourself, youre not satisfied with yourself and the results of your life up to that point. When you compare yourself with someone else over and over, you feel disappointed. When you criticize your every action, youre always unhappy. Your reflection in the mirror doesnt create positive feelings, but rather becomes another source of negativity. Sometimes you may truly believe that you are the biggest loser ever. You often ignore your own needs and desires. You lack love. If youre single, you strive to attract your soul mate and hope that with his coming you will feel loved. At the same time, you think that there may be no one who could love you. If you have a partner, his love is not enough. You live with a feeling of not being loved, appreciated, or respected enough. You blame yourself constantly for any mistakes that have happened in your past. How could I have screwed things up so much?! you angrily think. How does low self-esteem affect your relationships? Well, your partner behaves in such a way that he is not afraid of losing you. He may promise (and quickly forget), he may insult you, cheat on you, and still pretend that all is fine. He may even hit you. People with low self-esteem are prone to explicit and implicit jealousy attacks. With a certain periodicity youll be jealous of your partners past relationships, casual small talks, and his colleagues. Coming up with a reason for suspicion is not a big deal for you, youre good at this. Stupid jealousy is what hinders the healthy relationships. Sometimes a girl doesnt allow relationships with a man to develop, believing that he is too good for her. With similar actions (or inactions) you simply push a new boyfriend away give him a more worthy, in your opinion, woman. Lack of self-love pushes you to conquer the men. You dont believe that the members of the opposite sex may be interested in you. Therefore, as soon as you meet an attractive man, you start to run after him and show an excessive interest. This most likely will lead to nothing and may scare this man. Your low self-esteem may also affect your career success. Sometimes, you may be afraid of sharing your own opinion and thus block any opportunities. You seem to be no one special, and therefore, your results have little or no value. This is why you choose to sit quietly and not stick out! If you created something, you would definitely be showered with a wave of criticism! Lack of self-love makes you less demanding in regards to income as well. This is why you may work in a low paying job and earn less than you serve.If at least 2 statements above are about you, this book is going to be useful for you. This book encompasses 5 years of successful experience working to help people. The main request of those people was I want to start loving myself! Help me!The book "Self-love. 50 ways to improve self-esteem" will: Give you 50 verified ways to raise your self-esteem and your level of self-love; Show the way out of a long-lasting depression, you will stop being your enemy #1; Help you to forget about guilt, you will forgive yourself for past mistakes; Let you realize how valuable and unique you are; will help you fall in love with yourself; Inspire you to fulfil your potential without you being afraid of other people criticizing you; Teach you to stay friends with yourself even during times of distress; Transform your relationships: people close to you people will start treating you with more love, care and respect; Urge you to change the job that you don't like and find something different that you will enjoy; Present a step-by-step plan of how to change your attitude toward yourself - from hatred to love in 30 days.Buy this book now while the price is low and in 30 days your life will change unbelievably!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review