Reloaded: Natural Hair Loss Secrets for Safe, Effective Hair Growth

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Clear Stone Press (November 14, 2011)
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David Rodgers M.S.

Product Overview

By taking a natural approach to correcting the four main causes of hair loss - nutrient deficiencies, thyroid hormone imbalance, prostate hormone imbalance, and calcification, a full head of your own, real hair can be restored without drugs, surgery, or any significant side effects.In Reloaded: Natural Hair Loss Secrets for Safe, Effective Hair Growth", David Rodgers, M.S. Nutrition reveals the following:- The two types of fatty acids to avoid and the five types to consume more of to optimize hair growth- The nutrient deficiency that reveals itself in hair root lab tests well before it shows up in blood-work- The only natural oil that has been shown in topical usage to penetrate the hair root and restore hair protein- One of the most overlooked minerals in human health, that optimizes hair thickness and strength, in addition to bone, skin, joint, and nail health- The three nutrients you need to optimize thyroid hormone production, and the tests you should take to find out how much you need- The drink that you can find in any supermarket, that naturally has no sugar and has been shown to optimize two prostate health markers that correlate significantly to hair growth- Why calcification can affect the health of your scalp, and how to significantly reduce it with a couple very inexpensive supplements- The hair loss shampoo with a scientifically proven ingredient that doesnt even call itself a hair loss shampoo- Four topically-applied essential oils that have been proven to help for autoimmune-related hair loss- An herbal ingredient found in many shampoos, conditioners, and lotions that has been proven to reduce hair loss- Two more non-dietary, non-supplement, non-drug, non-surgical options for natural hair help- A complete guide wrapping up all recommendations including dosages, brand names, and method of taking or applying- Much more, including full scientific citations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review