Suzy Likes to Look at Balls

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Season One (Book 1)
Reach Around Books; 1st edition (December 25, 2016)
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Bimisi Tayanita,Matt Williams,Sumguyen Bangladesh

Product Overview

Suzy Likes to Look at Balls"is the first of five books that make up Season One."Suzy likes to look at balls and if you play a sport, chances are before too long she'll take a look at yours...This book she wrote for you and me just to clue us in, on all the balls that Suzy's seen and where those balls have been."Somewhere east of Winslow, Arizona as the peace pipe made its rounds through their hastily erected and smoke filled wigwam, two literary mavericks laid plans to change the world...or at least to enlighten those who practice the age-old tradition of "story time".Bimisi Tayanita and Sumguyen Bangladesh remember the "story time" of their youth with fondness. Now, years later, with blatant disregard toward the advice they paid an attorney $134 for; they have set out to make those precious moments just before bed every bit as satisfying for dad (or any other reader) as they are for junior.The five books included in the Reach Around Books Season One Box Set include:Suzy Likes to Look at BallsCome Swing with Us!Spank the Monkey Lends a HandBrenda's Beaver Needs a BarberPut Tony's Nuts in Your Mouth!Through the timeless power of double entendre, Reach Around Books will have the reader in tears of laughter while to any juvenile listener they are completely innocent. If you are offended by humor, don't buy our books. If your kid is offended by our books, that implies they understand terms only found in the Urban Dictionary...You failed as a parent long before Reach Around Books came into your life.--Toodles!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review