The Magic of Baking Soda

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Emily Thacker

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Plain Old Baking Soda A Drugstore In A Box? octors and researchers have discovered that baking soda has amazing healing properties! We all know that baking soda works like magic around the house. It cleans, it deodorizes and works wonders in the garden. In the kitchen it is as necessary for baking as flour and sugar. But did you know that baking soda is an effective remedy to relieve allergy symptoms? Bladder infections? Heart rhythm disorders? This is information you need to know! And now, you can be one of the first to own The Magic of Baking Soda, by Emily Thacker! As you know, bestselling author, Emily Thacker, is well-known and respected for her many natural health books. She was the author of the original Vinegar Book back in 1993 which has sold over four million copies worldwide! Emilys books are always full of proven research as well as down home remedies and tonics straight from the folks who use them. The Magic of Baking Soda contains 607 yes, thats 607 of the most up-to-date medical research and health and household hints available. But the information in this book doesnt just rely on old-fashioned home remedies. Each of these healing solutions is backed up by research from respected doctors at leading medical centers... California in San Diego, baking soda offers immediate relief of bladder infections. Promising studies by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists show that baking soda is used to enhance the performance of other medications. According to the American College of Chest Physicians, the use of baking soda showed a marked improvement in respiratory distress in children suffering from life threatening asthma. Tired when exercising? Studies at The American College of Sports Medicine has shown that baking soda used by athletes can cause a significant increase in blood Ph levels and markedly decrease muscle fatigue thereby boosting performance. When patients having ear trouble visit their doctor, the most common cause is ear wax build-up. Baking soda may be able to help! Research noted in Pharmacotherapy Publications noted that baking soda is an effective treatment of some anti-depressants overdoses. Further research shows that use of a sodium bicarbonate solution had a dramatic effect on heart rhythm disorders. A specific study showed that a continuous sodium bicarbonate infusion resulted in the patients heart rhythm returning to normal. What you need to know before your next CT scan Suffering from kidney stones? Baking soda can bring you relief Got Gas? Youll get important information on the relationship between baking soda and excessive gas. Lots of people spend tons of money buying household products that simply dont work. But with this book, you wont be one of them! Baking soda around the house Gets rid of strong odors like sour milk or fish Cleans & deodorizes carpets Best way to put out a grease fire Important Hint! Cleans silver the easy way Take the drudge out of cleaning a messy oven with this easy method Stained cookware? Baking soda can make it good as new! Fun & Games with the kids Check it out Baking soda for the body Use it for a soothing, refreshing bath. Also relieves itchy skin Need extra calcium? Try baking soda! SAFE recipe for treating inflamed eyelids Helps an acid stomach Important instructions! Vital news if youre on a reduced sodium diet Baking soda in the laundry Removes the smell of urine from diapers or clothing Try this amazing unscented and irritation-free fabric softener using baking soda. Its great for those who are allergic to harsh chemicals and strong scents. Make your own solution to treat laundry stains. Heres how Baking soda in the garden Child and pet-safe formula to protect your roses Keep the bugs away from your garden plants without using pesticide! Grow the best darn tomato plants in the neighborhood!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review