When God & Cancer Meet

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Tyndale Momentum; 1 edition (July 2002)
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Lynn Eib

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A book of powerful stories about cancer patients and their families who have been touched by God in miraculous wayssome in their bodies, others in their minds, all in their spiritsoffers inspiring testimony that, when God and cancer meet, cancer is conquered. The author, herself a cancer survivor, gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of 18 personal encounters with God.Heres what others are saying aboutWhen God & Cancer Meet:Lynn has captured the essence of hope in this book; captured hope in ways that I have always taught in my professional world as well as in my spiritual community. This book is a treasure to those who struggle with the fears of cancer and I want to keep it close at hand for those reasons. Judy Lentz,RN, MSN, OCN, NHA; Executive Director, Hospice and Palliative Nurses AssociationI co-lead a cancer support group at my church, and we have been looking for just the right book to study and discuss. Guess what?! Lyn wrote it! I was truly touched by all the stories; of course being a cancer-survivor myself, I saw myself in one of the stories, as if Lyn were writing my own personal story. I was truly impressed with the way she incorporated scripture, and Gods viewpoint into every story. I think that is of utmost importance for anyone facing this disease. Lyns book is Real-Life; some quickly are healed of the cancer, some deal with it over a prolonged period, some deal with recurrences, some, mercifully, die rather quickly. I share Lyns belief that GOD sometimes chooses to heal in different ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually. In the process of surviving a primary brain tumor, surgery, Chemo, and radiation, I gave my life to Christ, realizing that my physical health was not GODs main concern, my Spiritual health was the biggest victim of a disease that needed attention and this was the way He FINALLY got my attention. Lyns book alludes to this fact in every one of her stories. In this day and age that we are living, where it is against the rules to even mention GOD (unless we mention His name in vain) it is refreshing to have a book written, praising Him for His care and concern for us; written by a woman who has experienced the disease firsthand, and continues to minister to others with cancer, and to work for a Doctor! who isnt ashamed of his Faith! WOW!! Obviously, Lyns book has my highest reccomendation, and my support group will be purchasing multple copies, and we plan to invite Lyn to speak with us. Lyn is a wonderful person, and I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. Im sure this book will touch many lives, and give many a new perspective and hope with their cancer. Chris Winand,cancer survivor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review